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Scoliosis Care 

Baylor gives new hope to people suffering from the pain and disfigurement of scoliosis  even those who previously thought their condition was untreatable.

We have physicians that specialize in advanced surgical options to straighten spines curved due to scoliosis - one of the most common disorders of the spine.

About Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a disorder of the spine in which the vertebrae actually rotate and a curve is created in either the upper or lower back. Patients can experience a mild case with little pain or disfigurement and little change throughout life or a more severe case, where patients face an increase in curvature and pain and disfigurement which can cause difficulties walking and even breathing.

The Baylor Scoliosis Center offers patients suffering from the mental and physical pain of scoliosis hope for a cure even for many patients who have been told their condition is untreatable.